R O K U   P R O J E C T S
Games for the Roku streaming device.

Monstrum Match
4 Game modes. Match monster cards, Donsol card dungeon, guess the item sequence and 2 player number grid game.
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L'Abbaye Des Morts
A platform game in which you have to survive the different rooms of an abandoned church to solve the mysteries that lie inside. This will not be easy.
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Run jump and shoot your way through multiple areas to escape with your newly acquired AI augmented power suit. Do all you can to find a way to get off planet in this game.
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Biniax is a game of logic and reaction. The 2 game modes allow you to play against time or pure tactical play. Biniax is also a child-friendly game no kills, no violence, no weapons.
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Druid's Tower
Solve all the puzzles in the Druid's Tower or just smash the tower down. Two modes of play in this game.
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Text Adventure
3 Classic text adventure games from the 70's. Explore a cave to find treasure, Fly to an alien planet to discover a way to save Earth, and escape an enemy starbase with the means to destroy them. There are many puzzles to solve in these old adventures. These are modified to be played with menus so that you will not have to type using the onscreen keyboard.
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Color Shift′R
Clear the color grid by selecting color blocks that are connected. The more blocks connected the higher the score. Includes a screensaver.
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Color Fill ′em
A simple game of filling the board with one color in the least amount of moves.
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Color Swap ′n Drop
Move the falling blocks to match colors horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Use strategy to line up matches for multiple combinations.
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Escape Goat
Help the goat escape by jumping as high as you can to escape into the snowy mountains.
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Mystery House
You and 7 other guests have been invited to an abandoned Victorian mansion to search for the hidden jewels. One of the first text adventure games with graphics recreated as a menu based game for the Roku.
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Unpublished games.
Roku port of Nohzdyve from the Netflix original Bandersntch.
Warning: You may become addicted to increasing your score.
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